In order to tell the right story for you, to understand your needs and to get your message across we spend time collaborating with you and your team to make sure the ideas and direction are right from the outset.

Whether you’re a new start-up company or an established business we can help communicate what is special about you, your products or service to help make an impact and build your brand. We will conceptualise your needs into ideas and create a solid storyboard for your video production to work from.


Capturing the right imagery is key to creating a lasting and memorable impression on your clients. Great film footage & composition combined with quality HD capture help to deliver a high-end production.


The editing process is a collaboration between you as the client and our team. All edits are a subjective process, so we will work closely with you during the editing stage to ensure you get an end result in line with your needs and expectations.


Twig can create an unlimited range of visually stimulating 3D animated effects to enhance your production. We can animate your company logos, create opening credits, 3D typography and any other graphic elements you may need.

Twig can also transform your products into a moving 3D showpiece. We can create stop frame animation to make your products move in any way you like.


We can access some of the finest artists around to help create beautiful illustrations to suit your company’s style and budget.

Illustrations are a timeless way of showing imagery in a unique way that can set you apart from other companies.


We also provide high-end stills photography for any needs you may have. Twig was established by Sydney based commercial photographer Steve Brown who also runs a successful photography studio.

You can find his photographic portfolio at


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